majorca, spain

This was my very first solo weekend and it just might have been my favorite destination so far! All of the places I’ve been certainly have their own redeeming qualities, but Majorca is the first where I’ve felt completely immersed in the beauty of nature. As someone who grew up surrounded by hills and trees in the San Francisco suburbs, I was largely comforted by the sight of rolling expanses of green rather than endlessly paved roads upon landing. The flight is only 30 minutes, which means that this is a fairly feasible day trip destination from Barcelona.

Let me start by saying my hostel stay here was absolutely perfect. I would recommend Palma Port Hostel to any and all travelers, especially if you’re traveling alone. It’s located about 20 minutes away from the airport but there’s a bus that runs along the coast and let’s off about a block away. The owner, Alvaro, is incredibly accommodating and let me check in as soon as I arrived (which is not characteristic of many other hostels, hotels, or even airbnbs). One of the staffers, Valentina, was hosting her parents all the way from Argentina and they generously offered to take us on a day trip to explore the rest of the island, which is only easily accessible by car.

We adventured to Playa Es Trenc, one of the most popular beaches on the southern end of the island. In the summer, the line of cars waiting to approach the beach is so long and slow that people brave the heat and walk miles barefoot! The water here is clearer than anything I’ve ever seen and so shallow that you can walk out almost 100m with the waves barely lapping at your knees. Even in the offseason, this is a popular place for locals and their pups to stroll freely and admire the ocean view.

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